The Traveling Aspie

Welcome to my new blog. My previous blog was a hodge-podge of different topics, mostly relating to mental health and sometimes I wrote about traveling. There were some really good posts on that blog and I’m proud of what it accomplished. I haven’t written for The River’s Bend in several months and I realized it was time to make a big change in my writing.

I was diagnosed with autism early in 2018. It was the culmination of years’ worth of therapy, psychiatric treatment, in-patient treatment, and a lot of pain for my wife and I. When the diagnosis was realized and my wife and I began researching more of what it means for me, we understood our whole lives would be dedicated to the understanding and treatment of my form of autism, which I should point out is much milder than what many people with autism experience.

I have a very hard time in life because of my unique neurology. In spite of this, I choose to live my life by traveling all over the country, playing music, and seeing the beauty our piece of the world has to offer. It is equal parts triumphant and tragic and it is my experience. This blog will be specific to my Aspie experience, traveling the highways, both blue and black, and how my Asperger’s interacts with my wanderings.

Thanks for coming along on the journey. The more the merrier.

–Russell James, 12/30/18



2 thoughts on “The Traveling Aspie

  1. Hi Russel =) I’m a late diagnosed Aspie as well. I just launched my own blog geared toward Aspie women, but I’m excited to follow your posts as well. I am a solo traveler (my husband hates to leave his video games, let alone travel) and an electronic music producer. It sounds like we have some things in common. Happy New Year to you! =)

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